I've just added a  new section called "Free Stuff." It has a whole bunch of awesome downloads. Paper toys, printable planners, shortcut sheets and a lot more to come. . . Check it out!
Hey! I'm gonna be a part of the Eesome collective exhibition along with 4 other amazing WA photographers! Opening night is Friday the 20th, 6pm at the Bunker Gallery. I'll also be doing a short presentation about macro photography too! It'll be an amazing night so come along if you can! 
The exhibition runs until 25th September. Please call 9328 3377 to confirm gallery opening times.
I had an absolutely fantastic time speaking at the Landscape Inspiration day about the making of my Pseudopolis series. Massive thank you to Venture Photography for inviting me to speak at this fantastic event and Team Digital for hosting it. Pictures: Seng Mah.
I'll be doing a presentation about putting together a body of work and photo book at the Landscape Inspiration Day. This awesome event is presented by Venture Photography and will be held at Team Digital
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