For my Speculative design studio, I designed an electric All Terrain Bike. When we initially started the course, we had to consider what strength means to us. To me it meant Scarab beetles. I want to incorporate the qualities of the Scarab beetle species into my bike design. Long distance travel over all kinds of terrain, lightweight and can lift over 1500 times their body weight.
When I thought about these qualities, it started describing an All Terrain Bike from the 80s-90s, that ideal for bikepacking. So I designed an electric version of an ATB. As it turns out there is no electric version and I found a niche market.
The Scarab Alterra 1 ATB has flax fibre frame, fork, wheels and accessories and light components. So if the battery runs out it’ll still remain ridable.
There will be 2 customisations available, you can choose a fork with suspension and a dropper seatpost for extra comfort and more off-road capability or stick to the standard seatpost and fork. This gives more versatility in terms of what situations you can ride in.
You can also choose from 4 colourways based on different scarab beetle species!
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