This lamp draws inspiration from 13th-century Serbian calligraphy, a distinctive style found in South Slavic church manuscripts that later spread to Russia. Evolving into what is now known as Vyaz calligraphy. I meticulously hand-drew the text for each of the four panels in Photoshop before digitising them in Illustrator. Through this process, I aimed to create a lamp that not only showcases my graphic design skills but also delves deeply into my cultural heritage, telling a story that resonates with me personally.
Intended for use in high-end bars and restaurants, this bespoke lamp serves as both an artistic and functional piece. Its intricate design and historical roots add a unique, sophisticated touch to any space, creating an atmosphere that is both elegant and meaningful. This project represents a blend of tradition and contemporary design, making it a standout element in upscale interiors.
Custom stencil typeface created for this project and the custom interlocking typography I designed
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